JC is a doodler but definitely not a serious artist like Kalee. She loves writing and dreams of finally keeping interest in one of her stories and finishing it. Most of her stories are fantasy or sci-fi, since she likes dreaming up new worlds and different characters, though she also likes reading chick lits and YA contemporary novels. She loves a strong female character and is a sucker for happy endings. Her favorite bands/artists right now are A Great Big World and MKTO. Obviously, JC loves talking about herself in the third person. She also gets way too excited about emails and comments, so please don’t get freaked out by her overenthusiastic responses. :)



  1. Nice blog. Over enthusiastic responses are great. Shows off your character and personality. Looking forward to more reviews. (just an opinion - complicated captcha's make it hard to comment).

    1. Thank you so much! We will totally take comment part into consideration :) thanks for the feedback!

  2. Hello There!
    I was finally given permission to post a comment by Kalee. Up until this moment I was a lurker. Let me tell you that I am really proud of the Eggheads. I am thoroughly entertained and impressed by your reviews. I can't believe how analytical you both are. When I read a book I just think, "this is junk or this is good"...that's all. (Oh, only grammar mistakes drive nuts). I hope you continue this blog for a long time!!! You're both awesome and amazing :)
    p.s. JC, why do you look like a potato that has been in the sun too long?