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Getting to Know your Main Character

Hello, Kalee here! JC and I have been too busy to do a full review but I decided to do a little interview of sorts instead! What you need for this little "interview" is a character that you want to develop and, of course, yourself. I've always found it more captivating when characters were developed and contained more detail than expected. Maybe it's because I watch too much anime, where all the characters have birthdays, meanings behind their names, and are really groovy, haha! Nobody likes a bland character. Even side characters should be at least slightly developed.

For this interview, I will be using my characters from one of my many stories, primary the main character as examples. (And I like using my characters because I know I won't make a mistake in the information :,D) Please enjoy and if you answered these questions, feel free to send your interviews to us at!

 1. Name
Every character has a name, of course. It's the basic stuff, but does your character have a meaning behind their name? Do they have a meaningful last name and maybe even a cool middle name? Is there a story behind where they got their name and does it play a significant role in the story? Do they have a nickname?
Example: The main character in my story's name has a meaning behind it. The first part of his name, Kai, represents fire (in Japanese), and the second part, Ren, is derived from the name Reyn (which means to rule). His middle name, Inzei, is the same as one of his ancestors (but I won't go into detail), but it also means royalty. His last name, Aberash, means "giving off light" in African.

2. What makes him/her the main character?
What is unique about your character? How are they different than all of the other characters? Or is their lack of uniqueness what makes them special?

3. Birthday
This is just a little detail I like to add. Do they have a birthday, and if so, does their birthday hold a significant meaning?

4. Are any of your characters an allusion to history?
Are they based off of a real person? If so, did you vaguely hint at it throughout the story? Maybe your story can emulate how you would like to fix a real world problem.
Example: One of my characters, Artemis is obviously based off of the Greek God Artemis for they share a name. (My) Artemis is also good with a bow and took on the name Artemis because of the Greek stories she had heard as a child.

5. Family
What is your character's family like? What relationship do they have with their family? Who do they have the best relationship with or the worst? Does your character value their family as they should? Where are their family now? Does your character have anything to do with the current state of their family? Family is important and can shape your character greatly.
Example: Kairen, mentioned earlier has a negative relationship with his parents, but he had a good relationship with his late older brother. His parents are distant towards him, because of his involvement in his brother's death. After the tragic event, Kairen becomes distant from his relatives.

6. Actions
Do they deal with the consequences of their actions or maybe they spend the whole story avoiding those consequences? Do their actions all make sense (they shouldn't)? How do they make decisions? How is their decision making based off of their personality?
Example: Kairen is used to being sheltered and taken care of his whole life so he is not used to making decisions on his own. Whenever he made a bad decision, someone would deal with the co sequences for him. Usually, when he makes a decision, it's hasty and he has a hard time dealing with the consequences.

7. Value
What does your character value? Why do they value what they do? How is characters beliefs different from your own? Would you agree with all of the decisions that your character makes? It makes a character more interesting to read and write about if they're different than your own.
Example: Artemis values honesty, because lying got her into a bad situation while she was younger.

8. Fate
I've been learning about fate at school and reading multiple books, such as Julius Caesar were the concept of fate is discussed. Fate is important, because it can affect how your character makes decisions or how they behave. Does your character believe in fate?

Thank you for reading (and listening to me prattle on about my story as well)! We hope to be able to get a review to you guys some time soon! Thank you for sticking around :)


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