Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tomorrowland Review

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Hello, this is Kalee! I recently went to watch Tomorrowland with a group of friends and ... you probably don't want to be reading this review if you liked this movie. This movie showed a lot of promise. It had an epic, action packed trailer and I honestly thought I was going to like it. The idea seemed interesting and for the first couple minutes I thought it was going to satisfy my expectations. Then it plummeted. My friend, who was hyper after eating too many red vines, was more entertaining than the actual movie.

The trailer was very misleading. It shows an amazing future with cool jet packs and what not. (Spoiler, but necessary if you're thinking about watching this movie) The characters spend very little time in the actual "fun" tomorrow land. They, however spend a lot of time attempting to get to Tomorrowland, which involves a lot of driving. Take this into consideration if you want to see this movie. This movie is not about the future if that is what you or your child was expecting. (Spoiler alert over) All I could think while watching this movie was, "Wow, this looks really expensive." I had bought those extremely expensive movie tickets to get a better picture as well.

The graphics were really nice. A lot of the technology they showed off in Tomorrowland, such as the pool looked greatly innovative and unique. You could tell that they put a lot of emphasis on the scenery and robots. I wish we could have seen more of it.

My overall rating would be a ... 5 out of 10

-Beware there are spoilers-

The overall plot seemed very jumbled and a lot of the steps the main characters did not seem necessary to the overall story. The movie seemed extremely long. The plot got lost and I honestly did not understand the goal of the movie. I did not understand at all when Frank Walker, or George Clooney, was talking about Thomas Edison. I completely missed the part where they were explaining why in the world there was a rocket in the Eiffel Tower. I was still trying to understand the whole Thomas Edison thing. These reoccurring bad explanations were a major problem throughout this movie.

The way this movie was set up made it seem like they were aiming for a wide range of ages. Typically, a movie's main characters are around the same age as their target audience. That way people can connect with our main characters more. The older Frank Walker was for the adults, Casey for the teens, and Athena for the younger audience. So if I, a teenager could not understand the plot, how could say a sixth grader? Admittedly, I was pretty bored through out the movie, so I wasn't trying particular hard to understand it. I think the writers of the script were making the explanations more complicated than they had to be. They tried to hard to make the characters sound smart. It would have liked it better if someone just told the audience, bluntly what in the world was going on and why. There was also plot holes like how did Athena prevent Frank from getting robot laser blasted when the future time telling thingy told her that he would. So if the future time thingy was showing her the future what was it actually showing? Where did it get that image from? There was a cute then awkward romance, too. In that order.

Young Frank and Robot Athena end up falling for each other. They never tell each other as children though. I'm not bugged by the whole falling in love with a robot thing though. The relationship was cute and they did attempt to deal with the "she's a robot" thing. Zeros and ones can't feel genuine emotion. Then Frank is suppose to leave, because he creates a device that can predict the supposed doom day. Athena and old Frank meet up later in the movie. Then its kind of weird. There's romantic tension between the two, but he looks and is much much older than her. It's just sort of ... weird.

The overall theme of the message was kind of cheesy and has been done many times before. It's "We can change our fates" and "Protect the planet or we all gonna die." The second message is presented in a different way though. It's more like, "Us, humans are aware that global warming will kill us all. We are just too lazy to do anything about it because it doesn't effect us now." Of course, they said it in a bit of a more complicated way. I also don't know why they really needed Casey there to tell them that they can change their fates seeing that that's a common theme throughout movies and video games. Just have a chat with someone who knows of Nintendo games, such as Fire Emblem Awakening and they can tell you the same thing.

Just a little nit pick thing. When Casey was watching the trailer thing for Tomorrowland, I would have preferred it if the trailer was meant for the audience member watching it. The trailer revolved around Casey, but I thought it would have been cool if the movie treated the viewers liked they were the ones watching the trailer. Maybe have characters looking at the screen as if they were looking at the viewers. Maybe have the space lady person extend her hand towards the audience. I just thought it would be cool. It could also be an opportunity to get the audience invested in trying to get to Tomorrowland as well. I get that it was character development for Casey though.

This movie isn't as bad as I make it sound but I was disappointed at all of its wasted potential. I feel like the writers could have done a lot more with the story line. The acting was good and the effects were extra superb. I think I would have been a tad more interested if Frank had stayed the main main character though.

Thank you for reading! What movie would you like to see next?


  1. How about...Jurassic Park, Inside Out, Ghost in the Shell Anime Movie?

    1. Very cool suggestions! I'll definitely do Jurassic Park before Jurassic World comes out. I've never heard of Ghost in a She'll before... I'll put it out my to watch list!
      Thank you for commenting!

    2. I meant Jurrassic World :)

    3. Oh, haha X3
      I can't wait until it comes out!

  2. What a well thought out review! For someone who will be looking forward to mostly the popcorn, arare and a hot dog and using a gift card, I am hoping this movie will be enoygh entertainment for a hot summer day. Thanks for the heads up. Now I know that I should put extra butter on the popcorn so I can be content!

    1. Hi! Thank you very much for commenting and reading my review. I'm glad you liked it! If you watch it, please let us know what you think!