Friday, June 12, 2015

Super Smash Bros. Wii Game

Hey, everyone! We decided to review a game instead of our usual book and movie reviews because . . . well, just because. Anyway, we’re going to review the Super Smash Bros. Wii game :) Hope you enjoy (We took pictures . . . hehe)!

JC: So Kalee will be doing most of the reviewing. I’m kind of just here to comment on how hard this game was for me--basically just because I am really, really, really awful at video games.
Kalee: To be honest, I didn't want to buy the Wii U version of this game. We had the version for the regular Wii and I got bored of it pretty quickly. My sister and Dad however continued to play this game. We did get it for Christmas though. I would like to start off by saying I am no where near a competitive or pro player. I apologize in advance if I mess up some of the terminology. I don't mean to offend any gamers out there.
JC: So apparently, I’ve played it before (though I don’t remember, which suggests that I didn’t like it very much), but I was still extremely terrible at this game. I had no idea which character was mine half the time, meaning that if I thought my character was on the left side of the screen, I would go right, but in actuality, my character was on the right side of the screen, meaning that going right caused me to fall to my death. So it’s needless to say that I was not extremely helpful on the online version.
Kalee: One improvement from the old version is that you can play online. This feature is pretty fun and amusing. It is very very amusing. I enjoyed listening to my sister yell, "Sniper Pit," as she sniped people during sudden death. You can also communicate by changing your username. As much as Nintendo tries, they were not able to censor everything. The additional characters were fun to play as well. JC played as Wii Fit Trainer most of the time. We got really close to winning against people who were driving us nuts.
JC: Her ponytail looked EXACTLY like mine.
Kalee: Haha, yeah it kind of does. I enjoyed the new characters added into this game, but also missed a few that were not included. I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan and was quite happy when Robin and Lucina were confirmed. It would have been nice if a certain other character *cough Chrom cough* was added, but too many characters from the same game is obviously unfair. You might miss the Pokemon Trainer though. There were clone characters however, such as Pit and Dark Pit. The gameplay mechanics were very similar to the other game. The graphics were quite nice and improved. (Oh and feet) How were the game play mechanics to you, JC?
JC: . . . Game play mechanics?
Kalee: You press the button to attack or defend, haha. Was it easy to figure out how to use different moves?
JC: Oh. Well, it would’ve probably been easier if SOMEONE had told me how to use it, but alas, I was on my own, and I am not very technology-savvy, so I didn’t really get it. All I knew was that pressing the 1 button would make the Wii Fit Trainer throw a soccer ball, and pressing the 2 button made her do a weird yoga pose that somehow hurt the person you used it on. I didn’t really get what the other characters did with each button, probably because there was so much going on at once. Plus I was just really confused for no reason.
Kalee: I would have enjoyed more characters and courses. There were fewer of them.'s the big thing they missed: there was no subspace emissary. Super Smash is a way to get a mega crossover, which are awesome.
JC: For all of us non-gamer people out there, what’s subspace emissary and mega crossover?
Kalee: It was a mode in the game that was more of a story mode. The characters interacted to meet a common goal. The story wasn't really present, but it was still cool. It made the game feel bigger. It was cool. A mega crossover is just a giant crossover.
JC: Still don’t really get the mega crossover thing.
Kalee: Each character comes from a different game. So when all the characters meet is called a crossover. For example, imagine that the characters from umm... (I think it was) Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries met up in an episode. That's a crossover. Doesn't it sound cool?
JC: Oh, they actually do have those on TV (That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana, anyone?), but I didn’t realize that they’re basically the same thing. And good job remembering the names of the two awesomest shows in the universe. Though Vampire Diaries is kind of dying down. Anywho . . . yeah, a story mode would’ve been interesting to play. It’s too bad that they left it out.
Kalee: neeeeeeeeer, that's it I think.
JC: Let us know if there’s anything we didn’t cover :) Hope the review was helpful! I also hope that if you do get (or have) this game, you’re more successful than I was! Adios, everyone :) :) :)
P.S. Here's a few pics of the game --


  1. Lol. For lack of better things to say, said sister in the post would like to tell anyone reading this that Kalee yells just as much if not more than I do.

  2. Haha, so I'm guessing Kalee is Robin and JC is the Wii Fit Trainer in the pictures? What about the Lucina? Do you have another Fire Emblem fan with you. :p
    Anyway, I really enjoy your guys posts and I hope you continue to. Aaaannnndddd whoops, I just realized how many questions are in this. Hehe. ��

    1. Yup and my sister is Lucina
      We're both Fire Emblem fans!
      After a while, JC had given up and decided to satisfy herself by taking pictures of the TV haha XD
      Thank you for reading!!