Sunday, April 3, 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo


JC: Hello, you beautiful human beings :) Soo, this isn’t a review or anything, it’s more like . . . an advertisement? A suggestion? A plea for help? Something like that.
Kalee: JC and I have decided to check out Camp NaNoWriMo even though we have no idea what it is, but it sounded fun. Fun is good. Writing is good. Fun and writing together is great.
JC: Okay, to start off, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s held every November, and if I understand correctly,  writers can participate in it and try to reach the 50,000 word count goal by the end of the month. So they had that, and then they started this thing called Camp NaNoWriMo, which is available year-round (if I’m not totally confused), though they have the word count goal writing competition things (almost like NaNoWriMo) during the months of April and July? I don’t fully understand it, but I think you can make your own word count goals for any writing project you want to do and monitor your progress. And then there are cabins, which are the main reason for our post.
Kalee: You make me look lazy with all of your long paragraphs. Anyway, cabins are basically group chats, where writers can socialize and motivate one another. JC and I have a cabin, but we are basically just having an extended group chat there, haha.
JC: Not even a group chat, honestly. Because Kalee and I are the only ones in there. So. Onto the plea for help part. We pretty much joined Camp NaNoWriMo so that we could interact with other writers, talk about problems that arise while writing, inspiration, story stuff, etc.

Kalee: And books. And books. And books, JC.

JC: Right, okay. Except . . . we’re the only ones on our cabin, so it’s kind of hard to talk to other people. And we’re kind of getting sick of each other. Just kidding. Ish.
Kalee: I'm offended, JC. Tsk tsk.
JC: Yep, yep, sorry. Aaaaaanyway, basically, the purpose of this post is to a) inform you guys about Camp NaNoWriMo (if you didn’t already know about it), b) recommend it to you--right, well, we forgot to recommend it to you. Basically you should join because it’s a really great writing exercise (or so I’ve read). It helps to get your creative juices flowing, so to speak, because the word count goal (whether you stick with the 50,000 word count goal or not) kind of motivates you to just get your ideas down onto the paper, worrying less about grammar and eloquence and more about just writing. Also, you can have the opportunity to talk to other writers who have similar problems and maybe some answers to questions you may have. Finally, we wanted to c) ask you guys (and gals) if you wanted to be in our cabin. We think it would be really fun to be able to talk to you guys about writing, books, all that good stuff.
Kalee: In general, JC likes reading and writing contemporary and romance. And fantasy related  stuff, too. I like fantasy and science fiction mostly. We are both teenagers of the teenage age.
JC: We also like dystopia.
Kalee: That, too. My username is @Kay T.
JC: Aaaand my username is @ohmybears. If you decide to join (you really, really should) and want to be in a cabin with us (which would be fun) and will ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in the discussions (just to make it even funner), comment your username below or email it to We were thinking that it would be fun if teens join our cabin, but adults are cool, too. And if there are any infants out there, just surfing the World Wide Web, their tiny fingers poking at the keys--babies are cool, too.
Kalee: Thank you and we hope you'll join us.
JC: (Please join us) Okay, byeeeee! Ta-ta for now :) <3

Update: We have cabin mates now! Yay! So we're not quite as desperate as we were, though we have some spots left and would still welcome you guys into our cabin :) Either way, we still think that Camp NaNoWriMo would be a great exercise/experience for aspiring writers, and it's a great place to meet others who have similar struggles/obstacles to your own. Okay, thanks! Bye again! :) <3

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